Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak, the name itself links this delicacy from the city of Sovereigns, Mysore a beautiful city from Karnataka. This delicacy is rich in ghee combined with sugar and chick pea powder (Besan).Be it any ceremony or it is to serve guests at home or to shower love on our loved ones this is one of the most wanted cuisines.

Here is the simple way to Mysore Pak

Ingredients you will need

·         1 cup Chick Pea Powder (Besan)

·         2 cups Sugar

·         3 cups Ghee

Preparation time: half an hour to forty-five minutes

Now Get Set Go:

·         Roast the besan in a thick pan till you get a sweet fragrance and set aside in a plate. Ensure there are no lumps; break all the lumps if any.

·         Heat a pan with 1.5 cups of water with sugar, stir until sugar dissolves.

·         Pour a cup of ghee n stir until you start seeing bubbles.

·         Pour the besan into the pan n stir continuously to avoid lumps.

·         Once the besan gets mixed pour another cup of ghee n keep stirring under low flame.

·         Cook till the mixture becomes frothy and 1 more cup of ghee

·         After few minutes the ghee will start separating from the mixture

·         Pour the mixture into a greased pan, and cut into pieces once the mixture gets firm

Now the MYSORE PAK is ready to serve. This tastes best with Bisi Bele Bhat.

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